League Constitution


Rule 1

The elected Executive Committee will be made up of a minimum 8 members and will include the office bearers, and additional general members or life members to make the required number. A quorum of 5 executive members are needed for any meeting. Where possible the League, Discipline and Match Secretaries SHALL NOT hold any position within a club in the league. Written nominations for new candidates for any office, shall be intimated to the Secretary of the League not later than 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, and such nominations shall be proposed by one Club and seconded by another Club of this League. Should no nominations be received for any particular office, the retiring holder of the office in question, shall be formally re-elected unless he has given notice as provided above of his intention not to accept re-election, in which case, the Annual General Meeting shall have the power to fill such office without previous nomination. The Executive Committee may at any time, fill any casual vacancy amongst the office-bearers, and any office-bearer so chosen, shall hold the office for the unexpired period of the predecessor's office.

Rule 2

Clubs failing to attend League/Management meetings will be fined the sum of £20. Any club who fails to be present at two or more meetings will be liable to action as decided by the Executive Committee and future participation in the league could be at risk

Rule 3

All Club Officials must register their full details with the League and Membership Secretaries in accordance with the SAFA Constitution and must immediately advise the League and Membership Secretary of any changes in address, contact details of officials, Home Park or strip colours. The League reserves the right to refuse the Registration of a Club Official or player on grounds of their disciplinary record (with this or any other League) or any other reasons stated in writing.

Rule 4

Subscriptions will be agreed and set at the AGM. Clubs must by the 29th June have paid all deposits, which usually are the required SAFA affiliation and cup entry fees. Failure to do so will result in the club not being registered with the SAFA. Clubs must by the Friday preceding the start of the season have paid the first instalment of league fees, or arranged payment by monthly standing order payments. New clubs having gained membership will pay a good-will bond of £50 for their first season, which must be paid by the same Friday. This is refundable upon the successful completion of the first season in membership. Clubs, who do not meet these criteria, will need permission of the treasurer before playing any fixtures. All new clubs in their first season must pay all league fees prior to season start. All existing clubs can either pay fees by 6 monthly standing order payments, or pay half in August and January. All clubs are liable for all season’s fees.

Rule 5

All clubs wishing to re-apply for a new season must do so by noon on the 30th April and pay all required fees set out in section 13 and SAFA constitution... Any club failing to reapply by the stipulated date will be deemed to have resigned and may be placed in a lower division at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will have the final decision on rights of admission, re-admission, subject to possible appeals to the SAFA. Any refusals will be notified in writing.

Rule 6

Any club that fails to pay outstanding fees, fines or penalties imposed within 31 days of receiving notification and the fine is unpaid after the 31day period, the club will be fined an additional £10 and will be issued immediate debt suspension

Rule 7

Matches will normally be played on Saturday mornings with kick-off normally 10am unless mutually agreed.The match secretary will have final say on kick off time in any dispute Midweek fixtures will be 6.30pm kick off and will be scheduled by the match secretary giving clubs a minimum of 5 days’ notice. These fixtures must be played when stipulated unless mutually agreed by both teams and notified to the match secretary by e-mail, from the second Saturday in August until and before the AGM of the SAFA (Normally early June). Any matches out with this period can only be played at the permission of the SAFA. In the event that a cup tie is postponed, the match secretary shall have the authority to reverse the tie unless at least 50% of that day’s games were postponed. Cup finals will be played on a Friday evening. Should a Cup Final end in a draw, at the end of ninety minutes play, the game will move to an extra-time period of fifteen minutes each way. Should the game again end in a further draw, after the period of extra time, the taking of penalty kicks according to the ‘Laws of the Game’ shall determine the winner. All matches must be played on grass or approved synthetic pitches. In all divisional fixtures, teams will play a minimum of two fixtures against each other.

Any Club wishing a Free Date must apply to the Match Secretary, by email giving 15 days’ notice and stating the reason, and such application will be decided by the Match Secretary.  No Free Dates will be granted in the period prior to 30th September. The match secretary can, in exceptional circumstances, grant a free week outside of the general rule. Clubs may however mutually agree to play any fixture listed during this period on an alternative day within the week the fixture is listed, and with the agreement of the Match Secretary.  No more than two free dates per Club will be allowed in any one Season. All other applications will be at the scrutiny of the Match Secretary.

No free dates will be permitted after 31st March of each year until season ends and once a club is granted a free date, they cannot play any kind of fixture on the date involved. Ensure all are dates not weeks. The Match Secretary, or Chairman in his absence, after consultation with the committee, may suspend any fixture

Rule 8

The referee’s fee will be £40 and is paid by the away team prior to kick off (except Cup Semi Finals and Finals). The referee must receive team lines 15 minutes before kick-off.

Rule 9

Costs for League matches, and Cup matches prior to semi-final stage, will be as follows: home team pays costs of the playing facilities, away team pays the referee. All costs for cup semi – finals and finals will be met by the League. All semi-final and final matches will be played at neutral grounds.

Rule 10

All results must be notified, by text message, to the Match Secretary and by posting on the league mangers page on facebook to the League Secretary no later than two hours after the match by the home club. Abandoned and postponed matches must also be notified by the home club. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £20.

Rule 11

On completion of all League fixtures, Clubs will be separated by: (a) Points total then (b) Head to Head, (c) Goal difference (d) Goals Scored, In the event of a divisional title being affected by clubs ties on points, then the above would not be applied, and a play-off game would decide the divisional champions

Rule 12

All participating clubs will be drawn in The Strathclyde Cup, matches to be played on a knockout basis with first and second round losers being entered into a draw for the Chairman’s Cup. Matches will be played to a finish i.e. 90 minutes and then penalties. Semi-Finals and Final will be played at a neutral venue. All players will become cup-tied and unable to participate in the Chairman’s Cup if they have made an appearance in the Strathclyde Cup from the 3rd Round onwards.

Rule 13

A penalty point system will be implemented with points based on the seriousness of the offence. All Clubs will be subject to a £2 per point fine in the ‘Fair Play League’. The League Executive will impose further punishment it deems appropriate. Clubs whose disciplinary points are of concern to the League Executive, will be called to an Executive Committee Meeting where a club with an average above 2.5 points per game may have points deducted. Points will be allocated to clubs at the rate of 1 point per caution, and for ordering off offences, points will be awarded according to the list at the end of these rules, to a maximum of 10 points. In the case of cases heard by national disciplinary committee, the points from those will not be converted to fines. A Fair Play Trophy will be awarded to the club who accrue the least average total of points at the Season’s ending of fixtures. This will be known as the FAIR PLAY AWARD.Any club receiving in excess of 10 penalty points from 1 fixture may be liable to be cited to appear before the executive committee

Rule 14

All unregistered players are ‘trial players’ of which four may be permitted per club in any one game. Any trial player must be registered with the Registration Secretary after playing three games, should the club wish to further utilise the trial player. Unregistered players will not be accepted as trial players unless entered correctly on the team line. No trial players are allowed in any cup tie. Registrations sent by 10am on Thursday will be guaranteed. Any sent after that will be done if possible but cannot be guaranteed, and the completed form must be with the Registration Secretary by that time. This will also be the deadline for checking player availability as trial players. This is to allow time to contact SAFA or SFA if the need arises, as their offices close at 4pm, and we cannot get any issues resolved after that time. The deadline for midweek fixtures, will be 12 noon on the day of the fixture. With regard to the completed form, clubs will be allowed to scan and email a copy to the registration secretary, provided that the original arrives within 3 days, excluding Sundays, along with a stamped addressed envelope. Failure to do so, will see the original registration become null and void, and the club be charged with playing an ineligible player. Clubs must re-check a trial player before every fixture they are to be used. A trial player is only deemed to have played a fixture if they actually play a part in the game.

A club will only be allowed to have 30 players registered at any one time

Rule 15

Contact with referee’s must be made BY TELEPHONE, not text or e-mail,  but can be by text or email between clubs, and must be done by Tuesday for Saturday games, for midweek fixtures, no later than the preceding Wednesday. Failure to do so will incur a £20 fine. Should a club fall foul of this rule on three occasions, they will be cited to appear before the executive committee

Rule 16

All costs of a select team fixture will be met by the league. The team manager alone shall be responsible for squad selection, and players will be covered under league injury insurance.


Rule 17

All players must have provided a photograph for use on their team’s team lines before being registered to play. All trial players must be able to provide photographic id to confirm their identity if asked by the match referee or a league official, and if unable to do so when asked, will not be allowed to play. Any club found to have supplied incorrect player information will be fined £2 per event

Rule 18

All cup final venues will be agreed by the executive committee and booked as soon as possible so as to secure the venue or venues

Discipline Points Section

All cautions (yellow cards) equate to 1point

Ordering off offences (red cards) equate to the following

2pts:- Serious Foul Play, Denying a goal scoring opportunity, Second Caution or Offensive, insulting or abusive language and or gesture

3pts:- Any violent conduct except those below

4pts:- Elbowing an opponent in the face, Kicking and punching an opponent or Grabbing an opponent by the throat

Any case heard by the SAFA will carry a 1pt per week or game penalty, to a maximum of 10 points. These will not be actioned on a fines basis if the club have been fined by the SAFA

Rule 19

All league trophies are presented annually to winning clubs, who as a result, must sign a form to accept responsibility for the safe keeping of any trophy, and for any liability for cost of repair or replacement if damaged whilst in possession. Divisional trophies must be returned to league at the February league meeting and cup competition trophies 2 months before their final the following season

Rule 20

All clubs must have at least 4 registered players on their committee

Rule 21

Any player released by a senior or junior club after the 31st March will not be able to be registered for a club, or play as a trial player, during the remainder of that season

Rule 22

The reason for non-fulfilment of any fixture shall be investigated by the Executive Committee and if the reasons are deemed to be unsatisfactory, the defaulting Club will forfeit the points or cup tie and pay the referee's fee, and in addition, a fine of not less than £25.00 and not greater than £250 will be imposed.


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