Tier System Delays Matches

The recent announcement from the Scottish Government places all our clubs at tier 3.  This means we are still unable now to play any form of football.  We are continuing, and ask you to do the same, pressuring our MSP’s to call on the Government to ‘LET US PLAY’.

Cup Semi Final results

Sadly, the Kastle Decor Strathclyde Cup Semi final had to be postponed and will now be scheduled for another date to be arranged by the Match Secretary

Historic Day of Finals

The league’s match secretary has announced that we will have a probable first in any league, as we complete all 3 cups with the finals on the same day

Craig Burton said, “WOW” this must be the first time any league has played 3 finals on the same day, at different venues, and is certainly a first for the SSMAFL. A massive thank you to all the clubs involved, and to the grounds for helping us complete these competitions, which hopefull rewards some clubs and players for the dark times of no football being played, and to celebrate our return”

Sadly, no spectators will be allowed entry to the games, due to Scottish Government restrictions on sporting events.

The kick off’s will be split as follows

10am: Presidents Cup Final at Fullarton Park, home of Vale of Clyde FC

12 Noon: Chairman’s Cup Final at Somervell Park, home of Cambuslang Rangers FC

4pm: Kastle Decor Strathclyde Cup Final, at New Tinto Park, home of Benburb FC

SAFA announce 2020-21 fees

The Scottish Amateur FA have announced that the affiliation fee for this season will be reduced to £70

The public liability insurance will remain however at £40 and the fees are due to be paid from now to each club’s league who collect them for the SAFA

2019-20 Cups to be brought to a conclusion

The league executive committee approved a proposal from Match Secretary Craig Burton to conclude the outstanding 19-20 cups. He had secured venues, and agreements from all clubs involved to play all the outstanding semi finals and finals between 3rd and 10th October before the league season starts on the 17th


Sadly, Broomhouse have been unable to continue as a club, and therefore SOUTHSIDE are the winners of the 2019-20 Challenge Cup.

The league will make arrangements to present the trophy and medals as soon as covid restrictions allow.

Season start announced

Match Secretary Craig Burton advised clubs at a special covid meeting that competitive matches will commence on Saturday 17th October.

He said “This gives clubs time to play some friendlies and get ready for competition and to secure venues for matches”.

He also advised that the league are looking at re-instating the latter stages of last seasons cups as all at either Semi final or final stage and “potentially if we can source venues we can fit them in so players and clubs can still seek some success from a disastrous end to last seasons campaigns”.


Hi All

This is an appeal to all of our followers, players, coaches and supporters.

We get to start games again this weekend, but it is a lightyear away from what we are used to. The SFA & SAFA have distributed information to us, that we in turn are passing on to our club secretaries etc. Also anyone can view the return to football hub on the SFA website

This is a really challenging time, with very strict rules that MUST be followed if we want to continue going forward. It’s quite simple, we are being given a chance here that scares the Scottish Government and we MUST get things right, or we will lose the ability to play again, and thats the last thing we want.

Please stick to the rules.

NO DRESSING ROOMS.. Toilets should be available, but must follow guidelines of venue for use.. PLEASE..DO NOT URINATE IN AN OUTSIDE AREA


FOLLOW the procedures laid down by the club’s covid officers

If you are a coach/manager/first aider or a substitute, you must remain at a 2m distance from all others. The only exception to that is when you are actually playing. DO NOT ENTER THE FIELD OF PLAY without permission.. I know that will be tough, but we HAVE to do this if you want to play the game.

Car parks are not areas to watch the game, so again, please no spectators.

Lets firstly enjoy football being back, but every single one of us is responsible to ensure we get it to stay

Clubs given a covid breakdown

At a specially called meeting of all clubs, a comprehensive description of what clubs will have to do whilst in training was given by way of a zoom video conference.

The harsh reality of where amateur football stands was strongly told to club delegates, and exactly what role we all have to play was explained in detail.

A slide presentation giving detail was show to all clubs and topics such as covid officers and covid courses and trace registers were fully described.

The league have advised the minimum that must be done whilst we are in training mode and match protocols would follow soon as well as warning clubs that failure to ensure protocols were adhered to, would be treated with the full force of disciplinary action.

The league President stated..” let’s be blunt, we simply cannot afford to mess this up, failure to do what is needed could have dire consequences that none of us want, and the safety off all must be the most important thing we do. If it feels like we have just started from where we stopped, then your not doing things right, and putting lives at risk”

The league appealed to all clubs to ensure they get the relevant covid training and supply details of such.